Julius Horsthuis

Julius Horsthuis

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First Name * Julius
Last Name * Horsthuis
Username * jhorsthuis
Country * Netherlands
City Amsterdam
Nationality Dutch
Languages DutchEnglish



Availability: Freelance
Website www.julius-horsthuis.com
Twitter @JuliusHorsthuis


Animating fractals is very different than other types of animation. The fractal animator has to learn to cope without the comfort of modern and advanced animation tools. He has to create something appealing using global animation, (If you tweak anything in a formula, everything changes) and camera work. To his advantage is the fact that the self-similar fractals express something that humans naturally find appealing, such as the golden ratio, and other mathematical principles often found in nature and architecture. This is because the brain itself is an advanced expression of these same fractal principles.

These shapes are emergent from relatively simple mathematics, not unlike a simple molecular structure can create an infinite amount of differently shaped crystals.

The job of the fractal animator is to unearth, expose and exhibit them.

Julius Horsthuis